Admission Procedure



Registration is open for Nursery onwards. The completed application form may be deposited with the school office accompanied with a payment, as registration fee, of Indian rupees 10,000/- for residents of India & SAARC Nations. For residents of Non SAARC Nations, the registration fee of USD 250 must be made. This fee is non refundable and does not guarantee a seat reservation. Students who are registered will appear for an assessment test in January and April each year. The date and time for assessment will be intimated well in advance by the school office.

*SAARC Nations: Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan.


The assessment is general, covering english, mathematics, sciences and general knowledge. Preparation for this assessment is not required, nor do we recommend it. This assessment takes two hours to complete and first time visitors/parents may like to use this time to take a campus tour whilst their child/ward is appearing for his tests.


After the assessment there will be an interview with the Principal, on the same day. The interview is as pleasant and non-intimidating as we can make it. We are interested in knowing about the child’s/student’s educational development, use of language, social skills, academic enthusiasms and extra-curricular interests.
The aim of the interview is to find about what the student knows, understands and enjoys.

Successful applicants will then be sent our terms and conditions, and a student agreement form. Once this is received, together with the first payment of fees, you will be sent the necessary information which is in the form of an Admission Docket about joining the school, semester dates, clothing requirements, travel information, medical forms and an indemnity bond.

Parents are required to fill and submit various forms and declarations that would be given along with the Admissions Docket. Once all formalities are completed the student will be given an Admission Number and this will be quoted in all future correspondence.

For any other admission related query please email the school office –