At Kimberley, the staff and students from all parts of the world living and learning together in an Indian environment. We are a school with an exciting future.

Q. Why come to Kimberley?

It is a school which is located in picturesque surroundings, 30 kilometers from India’s fastest growing metropolis, Chandigarh, and located in the foothills of the Shimla Hills. This school is the first school in North India to offer an exclusive international curriculum. The School is affiliated to the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Q. What kind of people are we looking for?

• Are proud and happy to be at Kimberley.

• Understand and accept the philosophy behind Kimberley’s Mission Statement and are committed to the school’s goals and vision for learning.

• Internationally minded people who understand and practise the school’s core principles and are excellent role models for their students.

• Know their students well and care about their learning and well-being. They are understanding of different learning styles and accept that in an international boarding school, they will have students with a range of learning differences and language levels. They adapt their teaching methods accordingly.

• Provide challenging, stimulating learning environments for their students, inspiring them not just to achieve, but also to excel in all areas of the curriculum and co-curricular programmes.

• Demonstrate an on-going love of learning, constantly improving their information technology skills and keeping abreast of new developments in education.

• Dedicated to student learning, by providing an excellent, balanced education, a
sense of motivation and the range of skills students will need in order to succeed
in a rapidly changing world.

Q. When to apply?

Applications are invited from October to December, for people wishing to join in January, and from March to May, to join in July, post summer vacations.

Q. How to apply?

• Follow the links below to view current vacancies.

• You can download the Staff Application Form here, fill it and mail it back to:

• Once the form has been processed the school will get back to you.