Founder’s Invitation

I wish to begin, first, by telling you a “story” and then, secondly, by asking you a question.

As a young parent, I felt a great desire to find a good Indian school for my children, in Chandigarh, which would give them a value education, exposure to the latest systems of learning and make them ready, when the time came, to be absorbed in international institutes to which they would adapt easily and emerge as future citizens of the world.

I looked high and low and tried as hard as I could but with little success.

Since that day I have nurtured a secret desire to start a school which would deliver my aspirations to future residents of Chandigarh, India, and for the people of my country who live abroad – who, like me, secretly nurture a desire that their sons and daughters, although enjoying the financial and material benefits of the Western world, should be nurtured and brought up with “Indian values”, “Indian Sanskars” and yet be comparable to the best in the world when the time comes for higher education.

I am confident that my team and I will achieve this – for true intentions and passions never result in failures – only successes.

Now to my question: Do you not, dear parent, want exactly what I wanted years ago? And if I make you a promise that Kimberley will give you what I always aspired for and which is exactly what you desire?

What, dear parent, will then be your response?


Vinod Gupta