Great Quality! Pay attention to the size

First time I ordered these, I hoped they would be the right size and be of decent quality. Second time I bought them, I knew exactly what I was getting and ordered with confidence. I ordered them for our youth street soccer program, they are made of quality material and the kids like them. Bright colors, easy to care for, come with their own bag to tote around… I would recommend them to anyone. Great product and definitely worth the price. They easily earned my business

e play New Year Eve and it is often hard to see with a huge mix of players from kids to adults. We have been changing up the teams lately and these were a hit and loved by all. Even over english soccer jerseys jerseys, the elastic bands on the sides helped them to fit everyone. I got so many compliments for thinking of getting these, awesome buy. Good quality, visibility in low light, and comfortable. I cannot imaging not having them.

Great product & quality! Originally bought size medium for my middle school soccer team (age 11-14) based on one of the customers reviews saying that medium was great for U12. They must’ve been small kids because medium was way too small for my team. Website listed Medium as 6-11, so I should have trusted that. So I returned it and got L and XL. Large is definitely the go to size for middle/high school, age 12+. I have few big kids (180+ lbs) and they definitely needed XL. If you got a team varying different sizes like mine and just want to buy one size, then I think XL is the way to go. Because it’s got flexible straps, XL looked fine on the smaller kids. But L definitely looked tight on the bigger kids.

They are easier to put on than the traditional pennies. There is one area they need improvement and that is the elastic straps on the sides. They need to be adjustable so the pennies can better fit the different size players. I have some really short players on my U15 team and the pennies keep slipping off because there is no way to tighten them on the sides. It makes running and playing soccer with them on a challenge for the smaller guys. Buying 2 sets in different sizes is not an option for some of us.

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