Houses of the School

YETTA: YETTA house represents intelligence and the ability to multi-task seamlessly. The energy of the house is represented by the bright orange colour of the Sun. They are the engine that drive knowledge. Yetta also eat puzzles for breakfast.

PEYTON: PEYTON house is technologically saavy. The mathematicians who can programme a solution to any problem. The house is marked by the blue colour which symbolizes evolution and science. Peyton are commonly found in the lab.

QUIMBY: QUIMBY are right brained, represented by the colour violet which symbolizes creativity. They balance the body and mind by bringing music, arts, dance and craft to the fore. You’ll mostly find them enacting Shakespeare after lunch.

SALTON: SALTON house stands for valour. The knights and warriors seeking adventure belong here. Team work and sportsmanship outline daily exercise. The house is marked by a distinctive green colour symbolizing the great outdoors.