Kids’ Drums

Music therapy has become immensely popular in modern treatment processes. But hidden talent for Shaman’s shed music or no, every child can benefit from music therapy. It helps people recognize, understand and come to terms with these repressed emotions and communicating them to others at the same time. Learning to relax is the biggest problem when you have anxiety or panic attacks, you really have to learn how to relax.

A panic or anxiety attack is your body’s response to overwhelming fear. As for ADHD children who do have hidden musical abilities, music therapy can bring these out and encourage these children to develop their talents. Start the experience, by letting your special someone take a hot bath followed with a sensual scalp massage.

The chair will then start the massage movements based on the tempo of the music playing. Taking music therapy a step further, Dr. Alfred Tomatis found that by filtering music in very precise ways, the music could have an even more profound effect on people. The patients stayed in time to the rhythmic sounds and showed vast improvements in all aspects of their recovery.

Apart from that, patients suffering from post surgical problems, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease get positive result using music therapy. Various psychological disorders like acute depression, schizophrenia, panic and anxiety disorders are said to benefit from music.

We find the music that works best for us to get our mood to the space that we desire and we play it. Music therapy is more complex than the way that we use it in our everyday lives but both are useful. Music therapy, aside from promoting relaxation, can help release neurotransmitters when the proper frequency is used.

The treatment for severe developmental disorder known as Autism which commonly affects children in the age group of 0 to 3 years also uses music as part of therapy. Hypnotherapy has tasted considerable success as it has the capability to enter the patients’ sub-conscious mind and plant positive suggestions into it. As positive visualizations have the ability to reduce the stress associated with it.

Music therapy can be used to treat patients with emotional disorders. Spend time reading about anxiety and panic attacks gain knowledge. Spending a little time on ourselves is a guaranteed way to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. EDUCATION: A music therapist will have an actual degree in music therapy (sounds so new age, doesn’t it?) from an accredited school of music, within a legitimate university.

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