Nurturing Parental Support


Living on campus as a partner to the child.


A faculty member is appointed housemaster and will have no more than a batch of 40 students under her/his watchful, alert gaze; at all times, making sure that her/his wards are wholly immersed in their schedule of academics, sports and extra-curricular activities on a day to day basis. Under the housemaster’s care students are treated like “family”; nurtured and their anxieties always calmed.

Dorm Parent

There is also a warm, loving dorm parent, a lady of considerable experience who stays with the students 24 hours a day. She helps the children in their day-to-day routines, ensuring that their beds are made, their rooms are clean, laundry is dealt with, that they go to school on time, eat well in the dining hall and most importantly, feel at home.


“Will my child be safe?” The greatest concern, for parents, is the well-being and health of their loved ones. Several thoughts run through your minds. Kimberley assures you that the school is in the hands of staff who are grandparents and parents with children of their own. An experienced resident 24-hour nurse, full-fledged infirmary with stocks of medicine, ensures that children are taken care of at all times. All children undergo basic medical check-up regularly and the hygiene too is overseen by the resident nurse. We have tied up with Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula, for any emergency services, if required.