Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

Neeru SharmaI would like to welcome everyone back into a new semester with a promise of new learning and exciting adventures ahead of us. I am delighted to be back from spending my summer in the USA after attending a Principal’s Conference in New York and a vacation in California with my family. I want to share with you a little bit about Conference in New York. I was in the company of 30 other talented and highly qualified Principals who came from prestigious educational institutions and shared their experiences in workshops and discussions on best practices over 3 days. We also visited several schools and universities all over New York State so that we can take the new techniques of learning and teaching with us back to our schools. I have many ideas and thoughts that brought back with me from the US to further enhance your experience of learning here at Kimberley – The International School. I would like to focus on each of your individual overall development with emphasis on education as well as extra-curricular activities. Let us all pledge to learn with an open mind and encourage new ideas so that we can all be more creative and add value to this great school that we belong to.

It is really encouraging for all of us to have 100% result for IGCSE and A levels, AS level needs to put in more efforts to reach school standards. Graduating class has been placed very well in best of the universities in Canada and Germany. Our focus is to make responsible individuals who can contribute to school, local and global communities, who can demonstrate understanding of the diversity and interdependence of cultures.

It is my dream to have confident students who can analyze, assess and can do argument with their own hypotheses, inference and conclusions and can conceive an original work or interpret an existing work.

It is our focus to have students who can present information and ideas in a convincing manner, can communicate in a language other than their own, express themselves effectively by using a variety of skills, tools, media and technologies.

Every student at Kimberley is assigned a faculty advisor who is responsible for attending to that student’s academic and personal growth at school. It is school’s hope that advisors and advisees will develop a close relationship to have healthy place to live.

Kimberley has a wonderful and hard working team of teachers who believe in excellence.

With best wishes,

Mrs. Neeru Dutta Sharma