Solar Energy And Other New Energy

We can be sure that pv fuel is free, quiet, with no moving parts, and solar pv is actually more effective regional, that is, it produces more energy than coal per hectare.

Why should we be concerned about the efficiency of the region, rather than economic or environmental? This is not “instead of” and “and” the situation. Area efficiency is very important, because we use any energy generation technologies, competition for land and other important uses – such as agriculture, land or just stay mad. In the case of wild land, to convert coal or solar power means that it has lost a good, or at least a very long time.

And, if we switch from one area of less efficient source for greater efficiency of the source area, then as a society, we may release some agricultural land, and if the UN is credible, it is very important. Of course, in front of the energy source is not contaminated land or potential defining date for re-use.

As the experts pointed out, it is entirely conceivable that solar energy will become the first choice of the world's mid-century. With improvements in photovoltaic technology often drive the cost and efficiency of a breakthrough, the total amount of solar energy will make up predictions continue to be raised.

A good problem to have solar energy continue to dominate our energy needs in the future mix of debate? Perhaps, but as the MIT study shows that this brings responsibility, and even difficult to manage the resources required for this shift.

Improvements in photovoltaic technology often rightly take center stage to discuss the benefits of renewable energy dependent on fossil fuels, which will require the use of solar energy and the results of this leap proper precautions, such as in this report to help us choose most sustainable photovoltaic technology for global demand.

Solar energy is far less efficient coal area. This is a lot of times we have reached the conclusion, when we compare the two, the energy density of fossil fuels is impressive. Clean energy - tidal, wind, solar - are "diffusion", ie, scattered in a large area. This means that we have to collect it concentrated into useful quantities. Collect the required land area.

A more comprehensive analysis will include coal mining area required. Area even need to tap the material so that the mining of coal trucks. And so on and so forth. Dr. write such things. We have to do this analysis, solar energy, too, which is a high-tech products, requires a variety of advanced civilization behind to do it.

At the end, the area efficiency is far down on the list may be considered. CO2 efficiency, sustainability, and perhaps most important, the net energy production, which is the actual running time of our civilization, it would be more important considerations. We know that fossil fuel energy fall in its net, so it's just a matter of time until the intersection coincides with solar is more "energy profitable." So we just need to continue efforts to fully solar-powered solar panel factory.

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