Student Councils

Kimberley will have several staff-student councils in place.

The Mess Committee will consist of a group including the Vice-Principal, Head of Administration, the Catering Manager, a teachers’ representative, and student representatives from each class. This group will meet once a month in the central dining hall to discuss all matters relating to food, kitchen, nutrition, calorie content, and any other issues relating to quality of food served, hygiene and health.

The School Council will be presided over by the Principal and include the Vice Principal, Head of Administration, Academic Co-ordinators and student representatives from each class. The School Council meets once every month to discuss all affairs affecting the running and discipline of the school and all matters brought before it are debated upon and voted by the council. All decisions so approved pass into School Policy and the entire school – staff and students alike, accepts these decisions in letter and spirit.

The Academic Council is extremely relevant and important to recognize great prowess in students with a special bent towards Academia. The Academic Council, headed by the Principal, the Vice Principal and the Dean of Studies, assisted by the Academic Co-ordinators assess brilliant academic talent, debate on awarding the “School Blazer” to the exceptionally gifted, in recognition of their extra ordinary ability in academics.

It is not an award that is given easily and it is only the brilliant student that earns this special distinction and receives the plaudits of the entire school community in a special awards ceremony.

The Sports Council by the same token, will have on its rolls, a student with exceptional and brilliant sports acumen; a student who excels, not in a single sport but in several – and is particularly outstanding in all. He brings glory to Kimberley, a glory that spreads throughout the region. Such a gifted sports person is the subject of close observation, serious debate amongst the staff of the school – the Principal, the Vice Principal and the Dean of Sports. On receiving the “Sports Blazer”, such a student achieves recognition amongst the school community and receives his honour in a ceremony where the school stands up and applauds.