The Aigo Theory

The term “Aigo” has been coined by combining “I” and “go”, where “I” is written phonetically as “Ai”. In use, the term “Aigo” is followed by an activity such as “Aigo learn”, pronounced as “I go learn” or another example: “Aigo play”, pronounced as “I go play”.

The Aigo Theory draws its roots from the school motto, Dream-Empower-Transform, and is an extension of the vision and promise of Kimberley to its students and their parents. The ideology revolves around individualism and the holistic development of an individual. The aim is to empower these visionaries in making by developing, harnessing & polishing their inbuilt logical abilities so that they demand and bring about change. One of the vital tenets to achieve the above is through the pursuit of the inseparably interlinked ideals of ‘freedom’ and ‘responsibility’; the school seeks to ingrain the mutuality of the two into the fabric of its childrens’ character.

The bedrock of success of any process of learning has to be the joy it gives the learners; the school strives to have an omnipresent backdrop of ‘happiness’ for all its activities. A child who is at peace within himself will strive to achieve the same on the outside. The creation of this environment is considered as indispensable to the process in imbibing knowledge as teaching itself. The AIGO theory is woven seamlessly into the everyday at Kimberley. The school implements the ideology in such a manner that it becomes a way of life.